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I have had a lot of folks ask me about my Journey with God lately… next steps that kinda thing.. I always hate to break the news that I am no more special then the next person, but I have put God not a 100% first.. I mean if I did.. we surely wouldn’t live the way we do.. now would we? Be honest… The world would be ALOT different.. but I believe you are what you eat, you are what you consume, you are who you hang around, you are what you immerse yourself in.. and so I have over this year I immersed myself in God.. I have been slowly breaking down barriers WITH GOD….I have been removing blocks.. see the funny thing is, is if we have blocks to not let people in, or we are guarding our hearts…we end up blocking out everything.. including the good…

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Encouragement is a two way street in the life of a Christ-follower. contrary to the lyrics from a song from 1960’s, none of us were created to be rocks or islands. When God walked with Adam and Eve in the garden it was because he enjoyed their company, and until sin entered the world, they enjoyed his. We weren’t​created to be alone. We aren’t rocks who need no one to exist, we are a body, completely dependent on each other to be healthy. Mutual encouragemet strengthens and protects. Who can you encourage today?

For many of us Easter is a time of reflection, remembering and recommitment to our relationship with Jesus Christ. May the lessons we learned this weekend spur us on to encouraging those struggling with addiction, relationships, and physical or emotional pain. He gave so we could give.

They placed Jesus there because of the Jewish day of preparation and since the tomb was nearby. (Jn 19:42, CSB)

The work was done, death had come. The chaos and calamity of the most barbaric and horrendous death ever imagined gave way to silence. Emptiness. Incompleteness. cross-1375765_640The red-hot fire of the piercing spear, the flesh pressed nails, the mocking crowds were finished when it was finished. The cold stone of the tomb, sealed and guarded, now housed the body of the victim of scorn and the object of wrath.

But what was to come of this? How long will the silence continue? After all, the last time a prophet spoke, 400 years had passed before more revelation came from God. What was God to do? These were no doubt the questions in the mind of those on Saturday, that Saturday after THAT Friday.

But Sunday was about to come. The…

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You Are Loved

I’m sure everyone is aware that today is “Good Friday”. What is Good Friday? It is the day chosen to remember the crucifixion of Jesus! On a day like today I think it is good to reflect on the life and sacrifice of Jesus. Obviously, we can reflect on that at any time but on a day like today we should be very intentional with not only remembering the sacrifice that Jesus made by dying for our sins but about his message, what his mission from God was, and what he commissioned us to do. All of these topics can be found throughout the Gospels.

The first thing is the fact that Jesus preached a very centered message that never changed, even after his death. It is repeated over and over by Jesus in the Bible where he says “The Kingdom of Heaven (or God) is near.” (Matt. 4:17) What was he…

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