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Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. Colossians 3:2

The human mind is an amazing thing. Even the most complex computer can’t stand up against the power our minds have! The way you think about yourself can influence how you walk, how you react to adversity and can even have an impact on your health. The way you think about your relationships can have an effect on whether that relationship will be strong or disastrous.

The Apostle Paul tells us to keep our minds on Heavenly things, not on earthly things. Perhaps it would be helpful to take just a few minutes to think about what that really means.

First of all, heavenly things has to do with how God looks at you. You are his most prized creation. There isn’t a single part of His creation that he is more interested in than you. YOU are His Plan A.

On earth you are a number. Your value is measured by your work habits, your job, your weight, your past and your beauty. Currently one of the most popular shows on TV is American Idol. The show is a perfect example of what we hold in high esteem: our personal ability. It’s great to see people be able to ‘show off’ their talents, but don’t forget that those talents were given by God whether He is acknowledged or not and God has given you everything you need to be EXACTLY as He wants you to be.

Secondly look at how heavenly relationships work. Our Heavenly Father loves you so much He gave all He had, through His Son Jesus, to give you life! There is nothing you can do to earn that love, keep that love or destroy that love. GOD LOVES YOU.  He wants nothing more than to walk through every day with you, listen to you, hold you and tenderly remind you of His love. He expects nothing in return.

Even the best earthly relationships depend on a mutual giving and taking. Most relationships are built to some degree on what I can get for me. We are compared, judged and measured by our ability to perform at a certain level. Relationships fail because one or more of the parties involved have failed to measure up to the others’ expectation.

Focusing on Jesus may not change the pain you encounter in life but it can will change how you react to it.  As you go through your day today, remember that in God’s eyes you are not in competition. He doesn’t require anything from you except that you love Him. Don’t let the attitudes of this world program your mind for failure. The things you think about in relationships and about yourself will affect how you respond when earthly things go wrong.

PRAYER: Dear Jesus, there are so many things that keep me from looking to you. Help me to see myself as you see me and not as the world sees me. Empower me to believe, really believe that you have my very best in mind. Help me focus on your unending love during today’s struggles. Amen.

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