Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1

 There aren’t very many things that we can count on any more. Relationships fail; jobs go away, friends and family members move, or worse yet die. Change happens more and more frequently. Faith tells us that we can be sure of the hopes and dreams we have. All we have ever wanted can come true if we just have the faith. That all sounds good, but is it really true?

 But in the real world ‘dreams’ don’t always come true. So is God wrong? Is faith worth it? Was this verse put in these pages just to mess with our minds? Why don’t dreams come true?

 There are a lot of reasons our dreams don’t come true. We lose faith in ourselves. We stop believing in ourselves when failure follows failure. We set goals for ourselves and fail to meet them. Soon the wounds overtake us and we give up. We lose faith in others when relationships go sour and love dies. We lose faith in God when our prayers go unanswered and it seems like disaster follows disaster. We lose faith when we listen to the lies of those around us.

Having faith means we believe in the unbelievable, we trust what we can’t see, we accept what we can’t change.

Faith is only as strong as the item we put our faith in. That’s why we often get discouraged. We put our faith in finite, mortal things such as money, other people or ourselves. When those things fail despair sets in. There are no options.

Just saying we put our faith in God isn’t enough. Faith in God depends on our concept of God. If we see God as being some aloof, uncaring old man, and trouble comes what good is our faith. If we see God as being a weak wishy-washy coward and we are attacked where will he be then? If we see God as a vengeful, angry father we cower in fear when we think we may have displeased him. When we see God as a jolly, old Santa Clause type God we expect to get all of our dreams and wishes fulfilled whether they are really best for us or not.

But if we see God as a loving, caring, all-powerful daddy we realize that He will be exactly what we need at the time. That means that when we need to be challenged he’ll bring situations into our lives to make us strong. When we need to be comforted he sends healing. When we are lonely he reminds us that he is always there. He has given us the gifts we need to accomplish all He has intended.

Never, ever stop believing in the God of the Bible.

PRAYER: Dear Heavenly Father. There are so many times when I struggle with this thing called faith. I desperately want to believe in you. I want to believe in myself and to believe that you have great things planned for me. Help me to see you for who you are so that I can pursue the dreams you have given me. Amen.