LORD, you know the hopes of the helpless. Surely you will listen to their cries and comfort them. Psalms 10:17

The townspeople called her ‘Old Mary’. It was a term of affection for the frail old woman that lived in a small log cabin near the center of the little town where she was born and lived her entire life. Mary never got married. She spent her entire life working and helping to take care of her aging parents. After they died, “There just wasn’t time for that foolishness”, she told a neighbor lady in a rare ‘over the fence’ conversation.

Mary kept to herself. She was a very private person. She never drove a car but would be seen walking the three blocks to the grocery store every other day for a few meager supplies. As she got older her walks became slower, and less frequent. A few of the woman from the local church finally got her to accept an occasional ride to the store or church and in the cold winter months she’d even let them pick up a few things for her. Her home was rundown and her poverty was evident. Still it was with great reluctance that she accepted an occasional hand out.

One winter morning a neighbor made a call to Mary, who hadn’t been seen for several days. Upon entering the small home Mary was found sitting in her favorite chair with her Bible open on her lap, but Mary wasn’t really there. She had died a day earlier, just as she had lived: Alone.

The ladies from the church began the task of cleaning up the small cottage. A distant nephew was notified of Mary’s passing, but never responded to the calls.

Tucked beneath the soft mattress in Mary’s bedroom workers found nearly a half million dollars in cash and stocks! Mary had died in poverty as a very wealthy woman!

We have everything we need in Christ to accomplish the things God has in store for us. But like Mary, we sometimes tuck those gifts and opportunities for success under our mattress until, ‘things get better’, ‘the kids are out of school’, ‘we get out of debt’ or any other number of reasons.

Pursue the things God has for you now! Let His power work through you where you are.  We have a loving, compassionate Father that hears our hopes and wants to accomplish great things in our lives.

PRAYER: Dear Jesus, I thank you for your great love and forgiveness. Thank you that you not only see my need, but want to give me my dreams as well. Help me to grow in you, to be in unity with you and empowered by your Holy Spirit to rise above my helplessness into your power. Amen