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For you are their glory and strength, and by your favor you exalt our horn. Psalm 89:17

When I was growing up we had a big Cornucopia that adorned the Thanksgiving table. It was one of my favorite decorations, although to this day I’m not sure why. There was just something about that horn shaped basket full of brightly colored fruits and vegetables that stirred my made me happy. Now when I look at one it reminds me of the many blessings that we have been given from our heavenly Father.

I wonder if that was on his mind when the Psalmist writes, “by your favor you exalt our horn”? In the original languages the word ‘horn’ refers to strength, so perhaps the New Living Translation gives us a better idea of what the verse means when it says, “You are their glorious strength. It pleases you to make us strong. Psalm 89:17 (NLT)”.

This part of the Psalm is talking about those people who follow God’s commands and walk with Him. Our Father delights in helping us grow strong. His desire is to see our strength result in healthy vibrant fruit that, in turn, will empower us to live healthy, satisfied lives even in the midst of turmoil.

The fruit of the Cornucopia signifies several things. It shows the hard work, determination and commitment of the farmer to plant, cultivate and harvest the fruit. But all the planting, cultivating and loving care of the plants would be of no use unless the Father provides the growth. The Apostle Paul attests to that when he says, “Some plant, and some water, but God gives the increase.”

The ‘fruit’ our Father has for us is not always physical fruit. At least not right away. His intention is for us to rely on Him for inner strength and inner growth. As we grow closer to Him and rely on him more he gives us the physical things we need to go on. For a crop to grow healthy the weeds and rocks need to be removed and the soil needs an adequate supply of water. Think of rocks and weeds a being those things that keep us from trusting God. It could be worry, addictions, anger, a judgmental attitude or any other number of sins. These things must be removed from our lives and the ‘refreshing water’ of God’s word administered to the dry soil of our lives so that His fruit can grow in us.

The beauty of all of this is that our Father wants us to succeed. He wants to see fruit in our lives. One of the Father’s greatest joys is to give me the strength to make it through challenges of today. That’s why, like a patient farmer, He is willing to patiently and lovingly help us remove the things that keep us from enjoying all that He has for us.

PRAYER: Heavenly Father, there are too many times when I’ve tried to do things entirely on my own only to find out I’m too weak to accomplish the task. It seems like the fertile soil of my life is strewn with rocks and weeds. Help me this day to trust you to empower me to remove the rocks and weeds in my life and trust you fully to provide my spiritual, emotional and physical needs. Amen.

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