You are my portion, O LORD; I have promised to obey your words. I have sought your face with all my heart; be gracious to me according to your promise. Psalm 119:57-58

No doubt as a young man alone in the fields, David had seen prey divided among the victors and heard their joy as they claimed their part of the spoil. Perhaps he’d watched his own men celebrate joyously as they divided the plunder from fallen enemies. The joy is in the ‘portion’, that part of the treasure which is all yours.

As he reflected on the blessings he’d received from Jehovah God, he rejoiced in the one true treasure that would last him far beyond gold, silver or any earthly object. David’s ‘portion’ was the salivation and shield that Jehovah God provided. Elsewhere he praised Jehovah for being his salvation and shield, his power to overcome and his protection from attack.

It is because of the love and protection David received that he gladly treasured the Words of his God deep within his heart. They were the well spring of guidance and wisdom. They were the source of all that made him who he was. Obedience to God’s commands wasn’t a hardship for David for he saw obedience as the least he could do in return for the blessings Jehovah God provided.

David’s joy seems to spill over into prayer. He seeks the ‘face of the Lord’ with every ounce of his strength, for through heartfelt, honest, persistent conversation with his God he was able to rest in the promises of God’s unending love, grace and mercy.

Don’t miss the significance of David’s words. These words came from a man guilty of adultery, murder, poor parenting and a whole list of other failings in life. David had a criminal record that rivals the most heinous of criminals. Yet he was considered a ‘man after God’s own heart’, not because of his own righteousness. David knew full well that his salvation came as a result of Gods working in him and not because of anything that David could do.  

Our motivation to go on, to pursue our dreams, to live lives that are full of the joy of Christ have nothing to do with the circumstances and struggles of our lives. We can base everything we have the unending grace of God, who wants to bless us beyond all measure because of Jesus. Like David, we can rejoice in a living, loving all-powerful God, our eternal portion.

PRAYER: Jehovah God, I thank you for the many blessings you desire to lavish upon me. I confess to you that too often I seek worldly pleasures and riches over the eternal riches of a relationship with you. Help me to seek after you, to pursue you through your word and prayer. Empower me to want to obey and to have victory over the things I’m struggling with today. Empower me to today to believe that you want your very best in my life. Help me to believe in myself as I earnestly seek your direction. Amen.