David continued to succeed in everything he did, for the Lord was with him. 1 Samuel 18:14 (NLT)

A mark of Godly wisdom is how we conduct ourselves during adversity. True followers of Christ will conduct themselves wisely during the most trying situations. David shows this kind of wisdom early in his life. David was taken from the quiet obscure life of a shepherd boy and thrust into the role of military hero and heir to the throne of Israel.

This should have been a dream come true soon became more like a nightmare. After he killed Goliath he was invited into the palace to live with King Saul. David bonded immediately with Saul’s son, Jonathan, and all the officers and staff of the palace. Socially, David was apparently easy and fun to be around.

But David was more than just a nice guy. He was a driven leader. Every assignment Saul gave to David turned into success. As a result, Saul gave him more and more responsibility. He was never disappointed with the outcome.

So if David was so successful in everything Saul gave him to do, what could possibly go wrong, right? Wrong. David’s following grew so quickly that soon all of Jerusalem was singing the praises of David. He was fast becoming more popular that the insecure King Saul. As a result Saul began a campaign to wipe David out. That’s when David’s true colors came to the surface.

Although Saul tried to kill him on numerous occasions, David remained loyal to Saul. There is no indication in scripture that David did anything to provoke the King’s anger or speak evil against him. David patiently waited until God’s timing brought him to the throne.  Even though he had several opportunities to kill Saul and take the Kingdom by force, David would not sin by taking things into his own hands.

When we encounter adversity it is important to keep the end result in view. David was told that he would someday ascend the throne. He saw no need to hurry that situation along because he was content with who he was. Rather, David focused on the task at hand and worked hard to be excellent at whatever he was doing. He realized the fact that no job is too small, nothing is beneath him. As a result, in everything he did he worked to be excellent. Others took note of that and admired him for it.

Remember that God has placed us where we are at this time for a specific purpose. As Christ followers, strive to for excellence now so that you will be ready for greater work in the future.  Expect adversity as you excel in your work. The adversity that David faced in the 20 years he waited to ascend the throne prepared him for greater challenges ahead. Build relationships along the way. David had many friends in the midst of Saul’s attacks. One of his closest friends was Saul’s very own son! God didn’t wait until David was ‘great’ to use him. He used him mightily throughout his life because with all David’s faults, he trusted God.

PRAYER: Heavenly Father. Thank you for the story of David and his patience during adversity. Help me to see every activity of this day as an opportunity to show Godly excellence. Forgive me for my impatience in waiting for you to remove the obstacles that keep me from moving forward. Help me to be content where I am while I strive to grow stronger. Amen.