The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life. John 10:10 (NLT)

A friend of mine tells the story of how his house was robbed in broad daylight. The thieves ‘let themselves in’ through his unlocked front door and took a television and stereo system from his front room! Now, you may ask, why did he leave his front door unlocked? The answer would be that he saw no need to lock the door when he was home!

My friend works out of his home office. On the day of the crime he was simply working away and heard a couple thumps. Thinking it was his dogs at play he thought nothing of it until he went to refill his coffee mug. It was at that time that he noticed two gaping holes in his entertainment center! Whoever the culprits were walked right in helped themselves and walked right back out again.

Just as a thief comes and steals from us when we least expect it, life can rob us of the life God intends for us to have. Jesus came to give us life! Rich, full and satisfying life. But that life can be stolen away from us. Anger, fear and our past can cripple our feelings about ourselves and others. Lack of spiritual relationship with Jesus and with fellow believers can leave us weak and searching for more meaning to life.

Sometimes we set goals for ourselves, or try to conform to how others expect us to act or perform. When that happens it’s easy to concentrate so much on what we can’t do that we fail to see what we have accomplished. We fail to see ourselves through God’s eyes.

Sin can also rob us from the full life that Jesus has for us. Feelings of guilt for past mistakes keep us tied to our past rather than being able to use those mistakes as stepping stones to success for the future. Our inability to forgive others for their sins against us, or the bitterness we endure when others refuse to forgive us for our mistakes also keep Christ’s joy from driving us.

My friend could have avoided the pain and embarrassment of being robbed by simply locking his front door. In the same way, each of us can avoid having the joy of Jesus stolen from us by giving our entire lives over to him for safe keeping. Don’t allow emotional thieves to steal what Jesus died to give us. Look to Him and the fact that He loves you so that you can live the full, refreshing life He intended you to have.

Jesus loves you passionately. He wants nothing more that to give you a rich, full and satisfying life. Why not turn your life over to Him today. He wants to protect you.

PRAYER: Jesus I thank you that you want nothing more than to give me a rich, full and satisfying life. As you know I’ve been robbed of this life by many things that have snuck into my life. I ask today that you would remove those things that keep me from you. Restore to me the joy of the Salvation you have given to me through your life, death and resurrection. In your name I pray, Amen.