Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him. Psalm 34:8

God is my refuge. A refuge isn’t a zoo where life is sterile and everything I need is handed to me by some ‘celestial zoo keeper’. I don’t exist to be put on show so that people can scrutinize my movements. I’m not here to be free of all enemies and hardship. I’m not in a cage that keeps me from being the real me.

God is my refuge. He didn’t send His son, Jesus, to die for me and then leave me to fend for myself in a world where I need protection from spiritual forces. He’s not a distant, apathetic or angry old man that is wringing His hands wondering what will happen next and how He can endure the struggle of keeping me alive.

He is my refuge. A refuge is a place set up for animals to thrive in their natural environment. Natural hardships still occur but they are there to help me grow stronger. I am free to roam. Free to be myself. Some refuges have no fences. They are simply areas set aside where unnatural enemies (man) can’t enter to kill, harm or maim. The animals inside are free to leave, but most realize that it is to their benefit to stay.

As Christ-follower our enemy is an unnatural one. Satan wants to harm us, to keep us bound, to lead us to a path of destruction. He tempts us by trying to get us to believe that true freedom rests beyond the boundaries of the refuge we have in Jesus. He lures us outside so that he can attack and destroy.

When we stay safe within the bounds of God’s love and learn to walk with Him in obedience we are protected from Satan. That doesn’t necessarily mean we won’t encounter hardship. In fact, we can almost be guaranteed there WILL be hardship. But that hardship is there to make us stronger and so that we can be free to live life the way we were intended to live it.

PRAYER: Holy Father. Thank you that you are my refuge. Thank you for providing a place in life where I can live life to the fullest. I acknowledge that when I am walking with you, you offer protection that I can’t find anywhere else. Help me to learn to live within the safety of your refuge. Thank you for the forgiveness you offer when I stray. Amen