You prepare a feast for me, in the presence of my enemies.  You honor me by anointing my head with oil. My cup overflows with blessings. Psalm 23:5 (NLT)

Sometimes we feel completely overwhelmed with life. It seems like all of our enemies are crouching at our door, waiting for an opportune time to attack and conquer us. Enemies come in all shapes and sizes. Some are emotional enemies like worry, fear, our past sins, hidden sins and the fear of being found out or feeling like we are a failure and we will never be successful.

Sometimes those enemies are physical enemies such as illness, debt, abusive relationships or critics. Enemies can be consequences of poor decisions in the past. We know we are forgiven. We know God loves us, but we can’t shake the guilt. We can’t get past the realization of hindered and destroyed dreams. We are so imprisoned by ‘what could have been’ that we are fail to see ‘what could be’.

The Psalmist paints a beautiful picture for those of us hounded by emotional and physical enemies in our lives. In the midst of the battlefield, our Heavenly Father places a great feast and you are the guest of honor! The only way you can eat a feast in the midst of your enemies is if the person putting on the feast is stronger than all the enemies that surround you. It’s as if you are able to eat and celebrate in complete safety while your enemies sit just outside the door rendered completely helpless and unable to attack.

This is no small meal that God has prepared for you. This is a feast! Everything at a feast is for your pleasure and comfort. You have servants to wait on you and bring you what your heart desires. The atmosphere is festive and safe. Although there are problems just outside the door, they have no affect on you.

As guest of honor, the master himself anoints you with oil. Anointing of oil was done in the Psalmists day to honored guests. It was aromatic oil that smelled good and refreshed your soul after a hot dusty day.

During those times when the enemies lurking at your door seem ready to break the walls down; in those quiet moments when fear and worry are relentless in their pursuit of you, remember that even in the mist of trial and turmoil your Heavenly Father has the power and desire to provide for you.

Draw close to God during the fearful times. He is passionate in His desire for you as a passionate lover desires the one he loves. When you rely on Him for protection and wisdom the enemies lurking at the door will have no power over you.

PRAYER: Heavenly Father. I thank you for the picture I have in my mind right now. A picture of a table, a great feast where I sit in the midst of a huge celebration. Although there are enemies at my door I sit in peace and comfort knowing that you will protect me. The fragrant oil of your love relaxes me in your presence. Help me today to live as the guest of honor. No enemy can attack when you are near. I praise you for your love and protection. Amen.