He said: “Listen, King Jehoshaphat and all who live in Judah and Jerusalem! This is what the LORD says to you: ‘Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God’s. 2 Chronicles 20:15

King Jehoshaphat was sitting in his palace one day when ominous news came to him. A huge army was on its way to Jerusalem to conquer the mighty city. Although Jehoshaphat made some mistakes as King of Israel, he trusted God and tried to lead the country in a Godly fashion.

When news of the approaching army came to him, Jehoshaphat took immediate steps of action to defend the country. He called on all of his advisors, priests and people to meet together for prayer. The news spread like wildfire and soon it seemed the entire country was praying for deliverance.

A prophet came before the King and the entire assembly and gave the word of the Lord. He told the people not to be afraid of this vast army because the Lord God was in complete control. This was not Israel’s battle to fight, it was God’s.  

The Israelite army followed God’s command. They bravely went out onto a hillside ready for battle but watching to see how God was going to deliver them. The people of God watched as the enemy was soundly defeated and Jerusalem was saved.

Like Jehoshaphat there are many times in our lives when people will come to us warning us of the future. This is especially true today as we see scripture being fulfilled before our eyes. The increase of natural disasters, the ungodly actions of government leaders, the increased risk of terrorists and the demise of social values are just a few things that can really get us down.

Take a lesson from Jehoshaphat. When things in your life look ominous. When fear attacks and you are unsure of your ability to go on, remember to turn your eyes upon Jesus. Go to Him in prayer and offer up your feelings of worry, fear and doubt. Surround yourself with Christ-followers that will pray with you, encourage you and give you words of Godly wisdom to comfort, guide and support.

The people of Israel were delivered from the enemy once they realized that the battle wasn’t really theirs at all. God reminded them that ‘this is my battle to fight. You are to be ready for battle, but your job is to watch me conquer the enemies in your life.’

The army still had to get ready for battle. They still had to take action. But the real war was fought in the heavens. The same is true in our lives. Once we have prayed and sought Godly wisdom; once we have prepared a battle plan based on Godly wisdom and prayer, we need to move forward with confidence knowing that the battles in our lives are ultimately fought by God if we are living for Him.

PRAYER: Holy God, creator and sustainer of the universe. I acknowledge to You that You are the supreme ruler and guiding force of the seen and unseen world. I thank you that you know about the things in my life that scare me and worry me. You hear the words of the nay-Sayers and doomsday preachers. Remind me that the battle ahead is your battle and that you have promised to fight for me. Give me peace as I go through the activities of my day, knowing that you are at my side always. Amen.