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A person’s steps are directed by the LORD. How then can anyone understand their own way? Proverbs 20:24

Once upon a time there was a commander of an army. He was a very wise Commander. He knew every move the enemy would make. His weapons were far superior to anyone else’s. His fighting men were given every opportunity to prepare for battle.

One day, word came to the commander that an enemy army was coming to destroy his kingdom. His weapons were in place. His battle plan was flawless. His men were ready…well, almost ready.

A call to arms was issued and everyone reported as trained. But just before the army was to embark on this mission, a mission which was destined to succeed because of better weapons and a superior strategy, trouble arose. One of the men approached the commander and said, “Sir, I don’t understand your plan. In fact, I’ve been talking with my friends and they don’t really understand your plan either.

Soon a murmur spread through the crowd. Some openly began to doubt the commander’s plan. Some of the men in the back ranks even questioned whether the commander was even real. Others argued that he was real alright, It’s just that his plan is outdated and his weapons too weak to overpower the enemy. Still others questioned the wisdom of going to war and complained that they were being confined by the strict rules of the commander.

The commander stopped. He began to go to each of his men to explain every move, the strategy of the enemy, the results of various other battle plans and how they would be benefitted by following his way. One by one, the men began to understand. However, in the time it took for the commander to explain every part of the battle strategy, the enemy overcame him and his nation was defeated, even though he was stronger and smarter than the enemy.

Silly story? Yep. But don’t we tend to take the same attitude when it comes to our Heavenly Father? We claim to have faith but we lack trust. Faith says I believe God is real and able to defeat my enemy. Trust says that even when I don’t understand the process God takes, I follow Him without question.

Several times in scripture we are likened to soldiers and this journey we call life is referred to as a battle. Our commander, Jesus, knows our heart. He knows what makes us afraid. He knows our limitations and weaknesses. He wants nothing more than for us to experience a close, loving relationship with Him

To be sure, there will be times when we don’t understand His ways. There will be times when we may lack a clear view of His presence. We may be battered and bruised by our decisions or the abuse of others. That doesn’t mean Jesus has left us. A good commander may put his men in a position that challenges them, but He will never allow them to be completely destroyed.

Trust in God’s plan doesn’t mean we’ll understand everything He puts in our way. Trust in God plan means we endure the hard times because we know that victory comes in the end. Every day, every moment, every nano-second of our lives are carefully planned by a loving, merciful, all-powerful God. You won’t understand everything He does-guaranteed! But by growing in relationship with Him you will learn how to fight the battles that come across your path.

PRAYER: Father God, I look back at my past and forward to my future and at times really struggle to know why things went the way they did. I ask that you would forgive me for doubting your plan and empower me by your Holy Spirit to trust your ways over mine. Thank you that my commander understands my every fear. In Jesus name, Amen.

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