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For the perishable must clothe itself with the imperishable, and the mortal with immortality. 1 Corinthians 15:53

Have you ever watched a proud new mom looking for clothes for her new baby? Oh, fathers are interested too, or try to be, but mom’s look for that perfect outfit to show off baby. She scours thrift stores and garage sales for outfits in good condition, she shops all the sales at the department stores. She exhausts every avenue to find ‘just the right thing’ for baby.

Then baby grows up and starts to choose his/her own clothes, sometimes to the chagrin of mom, dad and grandparents. Somewhere along the line they are influenced by friends, TV and movies and who-knows-what else to develop their own look. Adulthood brings a different set of rules and a different set of clothes. Some for work and some for play, some practical and some not so much.

Regardless of the style, color or size, all clothing has some things in common. Clothing wears out. Eventually, no matter how much you care for it, the favorite shirt will someday have to be discarded. Clothing also goes outlives its usefulness. Clothing goes out of style. We outgrow a certain style or type of clothing. Life circumstances demand that we wear a certain type of clothing, especially for work.

When someone gets clothing as a gift it’s because someone very special wants you to look good. They go to the store and shop for just the right outfit. That outfit, in their mind, gives a sense of ownership to them. Every time you put it on, and they see it on you, it brings a smile to their face and a warm feeling to their heart. Why? Because, they gave it to you and when you wear that outfit it not only shows you love them, but it’s a reminder to them of how much they love you.

We not only have physical clothing. We have spiritual or emotional clothing. Clothing we put on every day to cover up how we feel about ourselves, others and God. Like physical clothing, our spiritual/emotional clothing can change with time. When that happens we go out to find something else that ‘fits us better’, but that search is meaningless because we can’t find the right thing to clothe our heart without Jesus.

A relationship with Jesus Christ is the only thing that can clothe our heart. It’s the right fit for our personality. It’s just the right style to enhance our creativity. It never wears out. Never goes out of style. Never loses its ability to protect who we are.

Best of all, when Jesus looks at us he smiles. Jesus smiles when he sees us in our spiritual clothing because he bought it just for us and it reminds him of how much he loves us and how much he gave for us.

Like physical clothing, our spiritual clothing can get dirty. We make mistakes. We choose the wrong path. We get rips and stains from life circumstances. Jesus’ forgiveness cleanses our clothing and makes it brand new.

If you haven’t done so, thank Jesus today for the gift of your spiritual outfit that will last for eternity. Remember that every day he looks at you and smiles because you are wearing the outfit he bought just for you.

PRAYER: Dear Jesus. Thank you for the gift of salvation. I don’t deserve this spiritual outfit you have bought for me. I’ve made so many mistakes. I’ve done so many things to hurt myself and others. Forgive me for those times of hurtfulness. Clothe me with the forgiveness only you can give. In your name I pray, Amen.

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