Jesus gave them this answer: “Very truly I tell you, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does. John 5:19

What is God like? Some see him as very old. After all, “In the beginning” was a long time ago! Others focus on the parts of the Bible that tell us about earth quakes and thunder, of anger and wrath, of being distant and demanding. There are those who see God as and angry tyrant or a disinterested bystander.

Some don’t see him at all, really. The whole thing about religion and faith and a ‘god’ you can’t see, or a god that seems distant until you mess up. Then he’s there. Boy is he there. Ready to send a lightning bolt of despair, hardship, sickness or relational destruction with your name on it.

There are those who see God as a jolly old elf in a red suit who knows if you are naughty or nice and when you are sleeping and…no wait. That’s Santa Claus…or is it. Don’t we think that God will send us nice gifts (spelled b-l-e-s-s-i-n-g-s) if we are good and punishment when we are bad?

Knowing what God is like is really quite easy. He’s not old because he’s an eternal being. Get rid of the picture in your mind of some old man. See God as a young, say, 20 something. Ready to take on the world. Excited about the possibilities. Seeing the world and future ahead of him and anxious to see what good can happen.

He’s passionate about love. Excited with life. Sees each day as a new, exciting challenge. God can’t wait to sit down with his friends in a coffee shop to talk about life, love and nothing important. Is more than willing and able to be a shoulder to cry on or to give a hug. God is the kind of person you go to in whatever mood you are in because he’s there for you.

There’s another way to see what God is like. See Jesus. See the passion when he healed the socially outcast leper. See the emotion as he visits the grave of a dear friend. See the compassion as he lifts the prostitute to her feet and tells her she isn’t condemned. See the love as he stands by the widow whose only son just died. See the sympathy as he walks with the worried dad just after he hears that his daughter has died.

That’s God. That’s Jesus. Always there to forgive, to love, to laugh. Passionate. That’s what God is like!

PRAYER:  Heavenly Father. This morning I’ve seen you in an entirely new way. Thank you for showing me who you are through Jesus. Thank you that you aren’t some stodgy, old, cantankerous coot. I praise you for the passion you have for me. Empower me with your spirit to show that passion in life and towards those around me. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.