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But if we are living in the light, as God is in the light, then we have fellowship with each other, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, cleanses us from all sin. 1 John 1:7

I watched a TV show the other night about people who were, as the show called them, ‘hoarders’. The homes these people lived in were stacked floor to ceiling with stuff. Some of it was good stuff. Some was junk. Some was garbage and dirt. Barely a path through the homes. It was incredible to watch.

In each story there was some similarity. The residents didn’t’ start out with the intention of being hoarders. I happened over a period of time, sometimes years. There were good reasons as well. Death in the family, broken relationships and/or loss of control all began to ‘pile up’. In the life of each hoarder was a story of the inability to cope with something in life and gradually letting things go until they were out of hand. Some never recovered.

Sin and failure in our lives can be like that. We make on mistake and then another. The guilt starts to pile up. We begin to get weary of the clutter in our lives but too tired or overwhelmed to deal with it.

Jesus doesn’t believe in hoarding! He wants you to be clean, fresh and alive. You don’t need to allow the failures and mistakes of your life to pile up to the point where you can no longer cope. You don’t need to bear the weight of guilt, shame and remorse that holds you back from freedom offered through grace.

Take you struggles to him often. He doesn’t promise to forgive us ‘some day’. He promises to do it right now. Every speck of dust. Every spot or stain. There is nothing you can’t bring to him. It doesn’t matter if it is a choice you made intentionally or an error you made without thinking. He wants to take it all away. He promises to cleanse us from all sin always.

Don’t be a hoarder. Get rid of that load you are carrying right now. He is there and willing to clean house for you!

PRAYER: Dear Jesus. I’ve been carrying this load of guilt and remorse for far too long now. I am claiming your promise to clean my life up. Take this load of guilt and remove it from me forever for your name sake. Amen.


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