I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you. John 15:15

Will you be my friend? The term ‘friend’ has taken on a lot of meanings over the years. Today you can be someone’s ‘friend’ on a social network and never meet them. In fact, you can have ‘friends’ all over the world and never leave your home!

A friend can also be called an acquaintance. Someone you say ‘hi’ to on the street but never socialize with and know them only by name.

True friends are hard to find and should be treasured like a fine diamond. They are true gems. A true friend knows your deepest thoughts and hurts because they listen to you. A true friend supports you openly even if they don’t agree with your actions. A true friend is someone you know you can call on anytime for anything and there will be no hesitation. A true friend will never take offense at your blunders or open anger. A true friend will even give their life for you if necessary.

Jesus told his disciples that they were his friends. Imagine that! Those of us that follow Jesus are his friends. We can talk with him about anything. We can be assured that there is nothing we can do to push him away. He will never be surprised or offended by our actions. Why? Because he’s our friend!

Adam was God’s friend and they walked together each night to talk about the day. Abraham was God’s friend and God told him what was going to happen in the future. So, why don’t we feel that close to Jesus if he is our friend?

One reason is that we don’t know who Jesus is. We haven’t spent enough time with him. Another reason is that our view of Jesus has been tainted by years of religious dogma, our past and our guilt for mistakes made. The best way to get to know Jesus is still by reading his letter to us, the Holy Bible. Read the gospels as a true story of Jesus’ life. See how he treated people. See how much he loved you.

Then talk with him. Don’t pray. Don’t try to use fancy jargon. I’ve found it helpful to visualize him in a chair next to me. Jesus loves you. He wants to be the kind of friend you can know and depend on. He says ‘I have called you my friend’ and made no conditions to it. He’s your friend. All you have to do is accept his friendship.

PRAYER: Dear Jesus, I’m so unworthy to be called your friend because of the mistakes I’ve made. My view of you is so clouded by religious dogma I don’t really recognize you except by name. Help me to grow closer to you though your word, the Holy Bible and through prayer. Thank you for being a friend like no other. Amen.