Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26

As a Christ-follower we should be thinking of possibilities, not impossibilities. It amazes me at times when I share ideas with people and the first thing I hear is all kinds of reasons why that can’t happen. I’m not talking about things like trying to fly by leaping off a roof or trying to squeeze blood from a turnip. There are some things within the human realm that are impossible.

What I’m talking about is stepping out in faith to let God do what he can do. As soon as we get the mindset that something won’t work, it most likely won’t! We also tie the hands of God to bring a miracle into our lives.

One day Jesus was walking along with his disciples and a rich young man asked him the way to eternal life. Jesus told him to give up all his money and put his trust in God. The rich young man contemplated the cost and walked away. We scoff at the man and wonder how he could choose money over Jesus. But before we get too hard on the rich young man we need to look at our own attitudes.

What Jesus was really telling the man is that he should step out of the box. He should trust God rather than trusting himself. We have a hard time with that. We don’t like to lose control of ‘the important things in life’. But as soon as we start to control on part of our lives it’s like building walls around God. We don’t say it verbally, but what we are really saying is “I have to handle this because God can’t/won’t/isn’t interested in this part of my life. I’m on my own here.

It’s that mind-set that ties Gods’ hands. Imagine that! We as mere humans can actually tie the hands of God when we take control by failing to give him 100% of our lives. Even so, we do it every day. We get frustrated with our spouses or children when they don’t meet our expectations. We get angry when we get cut off in traffic or when the service at our favorite store is below our expectations. We seek a different church when the pastor doesn’t tell us what we decide we want to hear. All of that really says, ‘My control of this situation is the most important thing to me’ rather than letting go and letting God.

Stop thinking that God can’t do a miracle in your life, or in the lives of others. Miracles are what he does best. As his dearly loved child he wants to show you great, wonderful, marvelous things. But as with the rich young ruler he asks you to let go of the control in your life so he has free reign to show his power. As a loving Father God wants to change you into all you can be!

PRAYER: Holy God. Creator God. Heavenly Father. I confess to you that even though I’ve believed in you for my salvation I struggle with giving over control of every aspect of my life. I’m more like the rich young man in my attitude than I’d like to admit. Forgive me for thinking of impossibilities rather than possibilities. Empower me by your Spirit to believe you can do miracles in my life. In the name of Jesus I pray this, amen.