The Lord kept his word and did for Sarah exactly what he had promised. Genesis 21:1(NLT)

As parents we’ve all done it. It doesn’t matter how hard we try not to. It just happens sometimes. We tell our kids they can do something or that we will do something for them. We give them our word. We utter the dreaded ‘P’ word.

“Dad, do you promise?”

“Yes son, I promise.”

Then it happens. For whatever reason you can’t (or won’t or don’t) fulfill the promise. It may seem like a small thing to you, but in the minds of our children it makes a mark. It sends a message we never intend to send. A message that promises don’t mean anything. That even the word of a parent is subject to time and space issues.

Some parent’s promises are made flippantly. It’s not verbalized of course but subconsciously they think, “If I say I promise will you leave me alone?” The promise is made with no intention of completing it. It’s made with the hope that you, the child, will forget.

Other times promises are made with the complete intention of honoring it. “I really planned on being at your game but the traffic was terrible, there was a last minute mandatory meeting, the plane was late, etc. etc.” Reality is, there are times when our best intentions simply cannot be carried out because we are, after all, mortals and imprisoned by a time and space continuum.

Then of course, there are some promises we are asked to make that simply can’t be made because they would cause harm to our children. “Yes, I promise you can play in the middle of the freeway.” Isn’t a promise most parents would make to their children, even teenaged children!

From a human perspective, promises are sometimes pretty hard to believe. Maybe that’s why Sarah laughed when she heard her husband talking to the Lord outside her tent (Genesis 18:12). A baby? At my age? Yeah, right. Fat chance that will happen! But, it did. Just as God said it would.

That’s the difference between our promises and God’s promises. Promises are only as strong as the person who gives them. If we believe the God of Genesis to be all powerful, then we must also believe that if he promises something it will happen just as he says. He is our father. He won’t promise us anything he can’t deliver. He won’t deliver anything that will harm us; only those things that will help us grow stronger.

Common logic told Sarah she couldn’t have a baby. Common logic says you can’t conquer addictions. Common logic tells you a person can’t change from a life of crime, addiction, abuse. Common logic tells you tragedy will have lasting, negative effects. Common logic says your past will haunt you the rest of your life. But common logic isn’t God-logic.

He promised to forgive you. He promised to walk with you. He promised that no matter what you are going through, he’ll be there to strengthen, comfort and give you whatever you need to prosper. If God promises something, he delivers.

PRAYER: Father God. I pray that today, as I face the challenges of life ahead of me, that you would remind me of your promises to comfort, forgive, strengthen and provide. Help me to live in the full assurance that as a loving and powerful parent, you can do what you say you will. In Jesus name, Amen.