I am the LORD your God.  I am holding your hand, so don’t be afraid. I am here to help you. Isaiah 41:13 (CEV)

The parking lot was as treacherous as a hockey rink. I walked gingerly around the car to let my two-year-old out of the car seat. I offered my hand in support so that he wouldn’t fall on the icy surface. However, my belligerent son ‘knew better’. “I can walk by myself!” He announced, having confidence in his newfound independence.

I, on the other hand, knew how quickly one can slip and fall. Since he was inexperienced, I insisted that I hold his hand. We continued our ‘discussion’ for a few moments until an idea came to my mind. A compromise of sorts that he reluctantly agreed to. I would offer my finger to his small hand. He in turn would agree to hold my finger until we reached the safety of the building.  

After he grabbed my finger I wrapped the rest of my hand around his small hand. He thought he walked across the ice with no problem. I knew that his real support came from my large hand which enveloped his.

At times we are afraid because we don’t know what the future holds. There may be times when we see the road ahead and see no way out, no safe way to succeed. There may be times when we confidently push forward, not realizing until it’s too late that we couldn’t handle the challenge before us.

Isaiah reminds us that just as I wrapped my hand around the hand of my over-confident two-year-old, our Heavenly Father wraps his hand around ours. It doesn’t matter what lay ahead. It’s not important how you got to the place you are in life. He is there walking beside you.

I kept my two-year-old from falling and hurting himself. He slipped on occasion. A couple times he landed softly when the ice was too slick. But together we made it through. In the same way, there may be times when you stumble. There may be times when you fall. In every situation Your Heavenly Father is there to uphold you and protect you.

As a loving father, God will do whatever he can to help you, his child, through the tough times of life. There may be pain. There may be struggles. You may fall. There may even be pain. But he never leaves your side.

Don’t be afraid. Don’t feel like you are going this struggle alone. The God of the universe has his hand wrapped tightly around yours. He will never leave you.

PRAYER: Father God, I’m scared. I’m going through things right now I never thought I’d be faced with. I went ahead on my own power and now I’m struggling to stand. You promised you will always be with me. Help me today to feel your presence in a whole new way. Let me feel your hand wrapped tightly around mine. In Jesus name, Amen.