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For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.” Mark 10:45 (NASB)

What does it take to be really great? How can we do our best work in building theKingdomofGodon earth? Is it having big churches with lots of programs? Is it going on mission’s trips to far-off lands or working in soup kitchens? Will ministries through fancy multi-media presentations or books or music bring the good news to the masses that need Jesus?

The answer is yes, maybe. These are all noble and effective kingdom builders. But the most effective way to build theKingdomofGodin our world, our circle of influence, is still the same way that Jesus did it when he was here on earth: being a servant.

Read through the gospels, especially from Mark’s view, and notice the number of times the phrase “And he went on from there” or “and immediately” or “Don’t tell anyone what I’ve done” is used.

Jesus wasn’t about building ministries. He wasn’t about making a name for himself. He wasn’t concerned about leaving a legacy. He came to serve people. He came to live among those who didn’t know what it was like to live in lavish palaces or enjoy the status of political, economic, religious or social status.

If Jesus were to make a quick visit to planet earth this weekend, what church do you think he’d go to? Would he visit a Baptist church perhaps? Would he go the more charismatic/Pentecostal route? Does he like the more traditional approach to worship or would he go for a completely non-denominational and contemporary venue?

At the risk of offending some of my brothers and sisters who minister in churches, I doubt Jesus would go to church if he came back for a weekend. You’d find him at the local coffee shop maybe, or in a park, or maybe even in a bar.

Jesus came to serve people. Jesus came to reach out to those who needed to hear about him. There were so many times in his ministry when it would have been completely understandable (from a human perspective) to set up shop in one town and have people come to him, but he went to them to serve them, to meet their needs, to live where they lived.

We live in a consumer-motivated society. If we don’t like this store, or that shop we go where our needs are met better. But that mentality shouldn’t be a part of the mindset of the Christ-follower. We aren’t here to have our needs met or our egos stroked. We are here to serve people.

How can you serve the person who gets your latte’ at the local coffee shop today? How can you serve the waitperson at the café you stop at for lunch? You know the one that brought your food late…and cold. How can you serve the many others God brings your way?

The church is at its best when it moves outside the walls to serve its neighbors.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, keep me from being the type of person who seeks my needs before the needs of others. Empower me with your Spirit to see how I can best meet the needs of those around me who need to hear your word. In your name, Amen.

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