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My friends, the blood of Jesus gives us courage to enter the most holy place. Hebrews 10:19 (CEV)

Augustine once said, “Thou hast formed us for Thyself, and our hearts are restless till they find rest in Thee.”

The heart is a restless animal, a predator on the prowl to satisfy a hunger deep within its soul. Unlike the lion or the hawk, the heart doesn’t know what prey will satisfy the hunger deep within.

That, in a nutshell, is the great struggle of the human spirit. The restless heart is never satisfied outside the presence of its maker. In reality, its entire purpose in life is to be reunited with God.

But we are an erratic people and the heart is a fickle leader.  In the Garden of Eden the heart was fulfilled and content. It walked in perfect harmony with its Maker. But it was deceived and as a result, the perfect, passionate relationship was destroyed.

Ever since the exile from the garden the heart has sought reconciliation, but in it’s deceived state was unable to find a home. The Father tried to draw the heart home with the Law but although the law was perfect, the heart was not. The wall of the Tabernacle was too impenetrable.

Ironically, while the heart desperately searches for meaning and fulfillment, the Father was seeking reconciliation. Like two lovers seeking each other but unable to connect, the cat and mouse game continued for centuries, indeed, it continues today. We say seek him and you will find him, but we overlook the fact that all the while we are seeking Him, he is calling us to himself.

Our hearts will remain restless until we reconnect with the one who loves us beyond measure. The only way to that peace is through Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God. Even then, our heart yearns not only for the peace of knowing his love and forgiveness; we long for that time when we shall see him face to face.

Jesus brings our restless hearts one step closer to home. No longer are we separated by a curtain, we can enter the holy of holies, the very presence of the living God through his living Son. It’s a reunion he is has been looking forward to since that last walk in the Garden of Eden.

PRAYER: Father, my heart yearns for you. Like a deer that pants for water on a hot summer day, my heart longs to be rid of the struggle to press on. I long for the day when I shall see you face to face and my restless heart is once and forever complete. Amen.

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