An Average Man's Thoughts

Our ward goal for January 2014 is to study about faith.  One of the great stories about faith is Abraham being commanded to sacrifice his son Isaac.  I’ve always admired Abraham for his faithfulness and also been very troubled by the story.  Why would God use that situation to prove Abraham’s faithfulness?  I’m sure he could have chosen another way.  Regardless of the answer to that question, I’ve learned something about Abraham that has impressed me even more than I was already impressed with him.  Abraham had received a promise, that among other things, his posterity would number the sands of the sea and the stars in the heavens.  All blessings being predicated upon obedience, he also knew that he would keep every commandment that God would ever give him.  So how could he rationally think that he could keep the commandment to not take the life of another…

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