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The Psalmist

Lord, help me
Through and through
Life is a lost and lonely place
Without you.
Lord, help me
As I pray
I am needful of your grace
Every day
Lord, help me
Through this night
Fear has pushed my faith aside
As I write
Lord,  help me
See your light
Draw me to your loving side
By your might
Lord, help me
Trust in you
Only then can I have peace
Faith renewed
Lord, help me
Be like you
Help me live a life of grace
Mercy too.
You’ve helped me through the battles
That daily come along
You’ve helped me through the trials
When I am weak, you’re strong
You’ve helped me through the hard times
When I think I will fall
You’ve helped me all throughout life
I’ve given you my all
And  now I come to you, Lord
With one more desperate plea
I know that when…

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