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We’ve all been there. We purchase something and it’s defective. We return it because it has a warranty. But there are times when the warranty is worthless because it’s a “limited” warranty, meaning that in some situations the issue isn’t covered. God promises us many things, such as love, mercy, forgiveness and eternal life. His promises are not in any way, shape or form limited. He does what he says because of who he is, not because of who you are or what you’ve done. Take heart! Whatever you are going through will not remove you from God’s promises.


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  • The Restoration of the Son
    From our series, "Christ in the Psalms." God will bring you — body and soul — through life and death to full and everlasting pleasure, if he is your safest refuge, and your supreme treasure, and your sovereign Lord, and your trusted counselor.
  • The Son as Chief Cornerstone
    From our series, "Christ in the Psalms". We must not only accept Jesus foundationally (cornerstone) but must make him lord over our life (capstone).
  • The Divinity of the Son
    From our series, "Christ in the Psalms". God has shown himself through Jesus so we can experience joy!
  • The Exaltation of the Son
    From our series, "Christ in the Psalms: The forgiveness our High Priest Jesus grants us allows us the power to persevere.
  • The Suffering of the Son
    From our series, "Christ in the Psalms". Jesus suffered more than any man so that we could enjoy forgiveness now and life everlasting.


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