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Why do you pray? Is it to fulfill some religious activity in hope the celestial Santa Claus will grant your wish, or is it because you simply want to connect with your Heavenly Daddy? Why do you give to the homeless guy on the corner? Is it to give you a feeling of pride knowing you helped someone less fortunate than you, or is it because as you gave the money you also prayed for his soul so that Jesus would be glorified. Why did you pay for the guys coffee in the drive through behind you? Was it so that they would think you are a nice person, or because as you did so you prayed for them? Why did you sing in Praise and Worship? Was it because you like to sing and looked that song or because as you reflected on the words you were drawn closer to Christ? Motives. It’s all about motives. Whether you succeed or fail isn’t as important as why you did it. The Father takes the time to search your heart to be sure your motives are pure and bring glory to his Son. Shouldn’t you do the same?


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