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There have been many an argument over spiritual gifts. What they are. What they aren’t. Who gets them? The list is endless. So much of life can be boiled down to the K.I.S.S. Philosophy. (Keep It Simple Silly [kind version] ) The source, purpose and results of the ‘gift’ are all that really matter. God is the giver. We are the recipient (gift receivers don’t choose their gift). The beneficiaries are others around us. The praise for the results returns to the gift giver, not the gift bearer. I know the arguments. There are theologs out there who will disagree with me. But I believe a spiritual gift is anything we do that benefits others and draws them closer to God. So here comes the heresy! Being a really good Walmart shelf stocker can be a spiritual gift if you do it with a joyful heart, in good character, giving glory to God. So don’t be surprised if you see a Walmart shelf stocker finish stacking a box of cookies and point to the sky. You’ll know they read my blog!


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