“I just can’t trust you anymore. It seems like every time I really need you to come through for me, you fail. And when I need encouragement, you tend to put me down and remind me of all my failings. So, I’m finding a better plan. I’m moving on to someone who has a long history of reliability, encouragement and strength. In all of history it’s never failed, although at times it may look like it. You give me advice; it gives me wisdom. You condemn; it gives freedom. You place blame; it gives answers.

And so, SELF, I’m no longer going to rely on you. I’m putting all my faith in God. He’s proven himself where you have failed. He’s been understanding when you’ve been critical. He’s loved, when your love has failed. I know there will be times I’m not sure of his direction, but I’m convinced his way is better than yours and have confidence he’ll always be there for me.

Good-bye and good riddance SELF.