They say God moves in mysterious ways and while that particular phrase is never found in the Bible, we see it in our lives on a daily basis. Sometimes, I think, the mystery gets deeper as we grow closer to him!

If anyone would have told me ten years ago that I would be re-married to a wonderful woman and friend, and back in the ministry I’d have slugged them, well, first I’d have laughed in their face, then I’d slug them. Once they recovered I’d explain to them that no church would allow a divorced pastor with a criminal record to darken their pulpit and no ministry would take the risk either. No one wants a bruised and tarnished Christian in ministry.

Today I sit in my office at Home and Away Ministry Center ( Home and Away Ministry Center). It doubles as the office for the church I serve, a small group of devoted believers intent on winning their little corner of the world for Jesus. My ‘family’ at Zion Lutheran Church of Bone Lake ( have been amazing in their passion for Jesus and love and patience with me as we travel in ministry together. I truly thank God for them on a daily basis.

Over the past year I’ve been amazed at the journey. There have been pitfalls. I still make mistakes and judging from what’s gone before, I imagine I’ll make more. But God is faithful and I’m anxiously anticipating the next steps. If you are reading this and have been beaten up by the church or the world. Take heart. There really is life after being battered.

Reject religion and rest in the only relationship that truly matters, a relationship with Jesus Christ.

–Pastor Mike Fisk