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Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble. 1 Peter 3:8

I love rock and roll even though many people from my generation are somewhat skeptical or even antagonistic towards it. I enjoy the ‘new’ music styles that have infiltrated our churches as well. Our music tells us a lot about our life philosophy and we do ourselves an injustice if we get so closed in that we only like one type of music.

It’s much like deciding that we will only like carrots. So all of our lives we only eat carrots; breakfast, lunch & dinner—carrots! Pretty dull life and not even healthy.

Imagine if all the flowers were green, the grass was green, the sky was green, even the milk you pour on your breakfast cereal was green. Even if you like green you’d have to admit that we’d be tired of green and long for a few other colors.

Life lived to its fullest means that it’s full of a variety of experiences, feelings, gifts, talents abilities, likes and dislikes. Just as there are no two snowflakes that are alike, there are no two people alike. Yet when the snowflakes join together they paint the landscape with beauty and purity.

Peter calls each of us as Christ-followers to be like minded. When I think of what like-minded means I think of harmony in music, especially in a quartet. We don’t hear much harmony in our music these days but if were to listen to a really good quartet or small group in perfect harmony you’d hear some great lessons for life.

Perfect harmony means that it’s hard to distinguish who is singing which part. Each person has their own notes to sing, their own personalities, and their own tone. But the differences blend so well that it sounds like one voice. If one person is off key by only a little, the harmony is completely destroyed.

Perfect harmony means relationship. In music we call it practice or rehearsal but it’s really the same thing. The performers must build a team spirit among themselves to know when to change key or speed or even how and when to sing the words. If one person sings a word wrong, or the wrong word, or comes in too early or two late, the harmony is ruined. Practice, learning about each other, accepting each others own unique gifts and working within the framework of the music builds perfect harmony in both music and life.

Perfect harmony allows for solos and variations, or side trips. When done in harmony a solo, even though it focuses on one individual, is accentuated by the rest of the group. The soloist is much more effective in a small group when the group is supporting him/her.

Perfect harmony means that each performer is happy with their own part and not jealous of the other voices in the group. They know who they are and are content with that.

Perfect harmony is dependent on the realization that variety is a requirement and not an option. Just as in life, you may not fit into a particular group. That doesn’t mean you are less important or that the group you do find is better or worse than the other. It just means you fit in better there so that you can make beautiful harmony.

Perfect harmony allows for differences without judgment. Sing your life-notes in praise to the one who created the notes! God’s gift to you is music. Your gift to others is to sing!

PRAYER: Father, I praise you for the awesome variety of colors, smells, personalities and around me. My senses proclaim the wonder of your creation and I’m in awe of you. I ask that you would empower me by your spirit to ‘sing my notes’ the best I can. Keep me from feeling inadequate or desiring other people’s notes. May I, with your help, live in harmony with those around me. In Jesus name, Amen.

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