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I am coming soon. Hold on to what you have, so that no one will take your crown. Revelation 3:11

Few of us will ever experience the excitement of winning a gold medal in the Olympics or having a Super Bowl ring of our very own. For most of us, our recognitions come on a far smaller scale. We were hall monitor in fifth grade once. We received a blue ribbon at the county fair for having the cutest puppy. But for a vast majority of us, that’s about it in the rewards department.

To this day, somewhere in the boxes in the attic there’s a crumpled up ribbon or a tattered certificate acknowledging the fact that we were hall monitor. And of course there’s the picture of the puppy that you have long ago forgotten the name of! Nothing more now than memories. Someday, when you are gone, those who come after you may hold on to these trinkets for short time, but eventually they’ll be part of some landfill somewhere.

Tucked away in the corner of your mind there may be other things you did. Things that to you anyway, seemed like quite an accomplishment, but went unrewarded, even unnoticed. You put his/her clothes in the hamper again…this time without mentioning it. You started the car early this morning so she wouldn’t have to get into a cold car. Ever noticed how many times you’ve given the kids a ride without so much as a thank-you?

We all feel unappreciated at times. We can feel like we do all this…stuff for people and it goes completely unnoticed. It doesn’t. There’s one who sees every act of kindness. One who applauds your every act of kindness and knows the motives behind your actions. Someday, you will be rewarded for all the things you did. The things you thought went unnoticed.

Jesus says, persevere. Keep going. Keep doing the things you do for the good of those around you. The medals and ribbons and accolades and trophies of today will soon fade away. But the rewards he has for you will last for eternity.

Looking for rewards here on earth can lead to anger, resentment and disappointment. It can rob us of our feelings of self worth, steal our confidence, and put a strain on our relationships at home and work and with our friends. That’s when the joy of our relationship with Jesus is buried in a pile of hurt feelings and despair.

Remember to do the things you do for Jesus. Whether it be picking up the dirty socks, or the unappreciative teenager. Even if it’s yielding the right of way at a four-way stop when it’s obviously your turn. Let all the things you do be done for Jesus. He never misses a thing you do and someday you will be rewarded! And this time, the reward will last for eternity!

PRAYER: Father God, there are so many times when I do things for others and feel completely forgotten. I feel like I have gifts, talents and abilities that can benefit others, but no one sees them or appreciates them. I’ve even given up on doing things for others and given up on myself. I ask that you would empower me to do the things I do for you, knowing that you see and appreciate every one of them. In your name I pray, Amen.

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